Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Authenticity; My Journey Toward My Whole Heart

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word “authentic”. It has become one of those really popular, overused words that are used in so many different ways that unless you define the word, it can mean way too many things. I want to talk about what it means to me because I use it in my work. The dictionary defines “authentic” as, “not false or copied, real.” To me, authentic means “being real.” When I am being authentic, I am being present to the moment and whatever is happening. I am present with the person with whom I am interacting. I am coming from my whole heart. I am being real in the sense that I am not censoring my thoughts and actions. My actions are in integrity with my beliefs. These are the ways of being that define me “being me”.

I would like to talk about my history and how I came to even care about authenticity and how it has evolved into a passionate quest for me. For years, I tried to avoid knowing what was going on in the world. I didn’t watch the news because it was violent and negative. I didn’t watch much TV because I was above that. I didn’t want to waste my time and there wasn’t really anything on TV that could have ever held my full attention. Once in awhile, I would have the TV on while doing some other more important task, watching the TV with about 20% of my attention. I was one of those people who surrounded myself with people who were pretty much like me and we lived in our own little world, with our similar belief systems, pretending like we were the majority.

Everything was going along just fine in my illusion of reality when suddenly I popped my head out of the sand for a minute and started to notice the world. Maybe it was hearing that the top two TV shows in America were “Roseanne” and “Married with Children”. Maybe it was becoming pregnant. Maybe it was moving to Antioch, California where two thirds of the cars had the little “born again” fish on their car. Maybe it was the small group of parents at the school my son attended who fought having a yoga class and celebrating Halloween because it offended their religious beliefs; or maybe it was also the fact that they won! Maybe it was watching the downfall of Clinton and the Democratic Party and the return of the Bush dynasty, the dictatorship where, we as a country, abandoned our authenticity, and actually gave up our right to vote for president. We actually let a group of people hijack our government and hold it hostage for 8 years. Maybe it was the combination of all of those events that caused me to wake up and start to look AUTHENTICALLY at my own actions and beliefs. How could I complain? What was I really doing? I was copying everyone else, being one of the herd? Oh, sure, I voted. I spoke up, sometimes, signed a few petitions, donated a few dollars, when it was convenient and easy. But was that really enough? Today, I say, “No”. Had I been true to myself, authentic, I would have fought back, whatever the price. Instead, with a huff and a puff, I let it happen. I abandoned myself, my beliefs, and my authenticity.

Since I popped my head out of the sand, I have never been able to put it back. I admit, I have tried, unsuccessfully. I have been living life, eyes wide open ever since, passionately seeking to know and act from my authentic self. I can’t honestly say that my actions have been 100% in integrity with my beliefs. It’s a process. But at least I know when I am out of integrity, or I have friends, true friends that will gently and ever so lovingly guide me back to my conscience. One of the most important things I can do is stay aware and informed. I watch the news occasionally, knowing that much of it isn’t true; much of it is distorted, exaggerated or diminished. I watch it also knowing that the majority of people think that what they hear on the news is the truth. I listen to the radio. I talk to people and I listen. And I watch TV as a sociological study. In my next article I would like to share some ideas about America, TV and authenticity.

Diana Concoff Morgan, M.A., Holistic Health Educator, Five Rings Coach and Stress Response Trainer helps you break through personal barriers, open your whole heart to create authentic connections in your relationships and in your life. She had been working with couples and individuals for over 20 years. The techniques and tools that she utilizes incorporate Holistic Health, Five Rings Movement Psychology and Stress Response Training, Intuitive/Spiritual Counseling, Martial Science,and Certified Yoga Heart Meditative Movement. In addition, she performs spiritual, personal wedding and other types of ceremonies. She helps you to create a ceremony that is your expression of spirituality.
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